Being a drummer myself, I have been avidly following the world-renowned drummer Benny Greb for a long time. To have a painting of mine on his release of “Benny Greb’s Moving Parts plays Grebfruit 2” was something I’d never have thought was possible.

This oil painting (named Chame Sutra – a playful mishearing of Kama Sutra) was originally created for my debut exhibition “Julinu’s Radioactive Ravioli“. The exhibition also featured a brief making-of video and I somehow got through to Benny Greb to enquire about permission to use a track of his. Surprisingly he got back to me personally and was happy to do so in exchange for using “Chame Sutra” for his future releases – a dream collaboration.

This illustration / painting was used in its original format and adapted by Gerhard Kühne who created complimentary typographic arrangements and varying moving backgrounds..