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Encouraging people to embark on the process of home ownership financed through a bank loan can be a daunting challenge – especially in the light of the recent global economic turmoil.

To this end, I answered Bank of Valletta’s demanding brief by exploiting universally recognisable Fairy Tales to represent the different home loan categories offered by the bank. For instance a lamp is instantly recognised as the Genie’s residence in “Aladdin”. Mermaids typically inhabit aquatic environments with ample roaming space. Snow White finally reunites with her beloved prince and lives happily ever after in a palace. And so on.

A series of illustrations for this 2-year, nation-wide campaign exploited these assumptions and took them to the next level. The genie now contemplates buying an additional lamp (second time buyers). The mermaid is in dire need of home refurbishment (home improvement loans). Snow White and her prince approach their new, humble, dream home complete with two traditional “gallariji” (first time buyers). Once the illustrations were approved, the rest of the promotional campaign including billboards, leaflets, bus shelters, booklets and trade-fair stands were created. Additionally Blaze Productions skilfully adapted these illustrations into 3D animated TV commercials.

Digital Paintings.
Created at JP Advertising Ltd.