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“Għoxx Qalbek” is another drawing from the series Radical Transformations exhibited at Divergent Thinkers 3 at Blitz – wherein I playfully assigned a diametrically opposite role to familiar objects through an intervention of my choice.

In this case I chose to manipulate the human heart – a universal symbol of love. By fusing a vagina into the anatomy of a heart I made reference to the vulgar yet common, Maltese expression “F’għoxx qalbek” (which literally translates to “Fuck the vagina of your heart” – a rather absurd yet strangely poetic insult).

In so doing I radically transformed the meaning of a heart – from a symbol of love into an expression of intense hatred. It can also be seen as an uncomfortable, graphic reminder of the way love can morph into hatred when a significant relationship dies.

Pencils on paper.
Drawing 3 of 4 from the series “Radical Transformations”.